Huiren logistics client download operation instructions


1, Huiren logistics client download address:

2、 2, The client is divided into Iphone version and Android version, and users can scan and download different versions of the client according to their current mobile phone system.

3、 3. The client is a fast and convenient software system for salesmen and customers to dynamically view logistics details.

4、 4. The following screenshots are the client QR code of the official address.


5 、 Teach you how to download and use the Huiren logistics client.

1. 1. First go to the above official website address on the right side of the website you can see the following signs

QQ 点击里面的扫一扫功能,根据手机当前的系统进行相应的扫描,如 Open the QR code scanning software in the mobile phone or click the scan function in the mobile QQ , and perform the corresponding scan according to the current system of the mobile phone, such as

If your mobile phone is an IOS system, you can point the scan frame at the Iphone version in the QR code above . If your mobile phone is an Android system, aim at the Android version.

The following interface will appear on the Iphone version after scanning


Prompt whether to open the connection, please click OK After entering the page, click the free button on the page to download

After scanning the Android version will appear the following interface


Prompt to open the connection, please click OK, then click OK to download

2. After scanning and downloading, there will be a Huiren Logistics client on the phone as follows


The user clicks Huiren Logistics Client to enter the login interface:


    业务员账号请联系客户服务部,客户账号请联系业务员。 Note: Please contact customer service department for salesman account number, and contact salesman for customer account number.

The software will continue to be upgraded to meet customer experience requirements.


Please contact us if you have any problems downloading the code

Name: Zhong Shuilin
Phone: 15870870563